There are a million exercise plans available. Two million different diet plans. All of them promising to make us slimmer, stronger & sexier.

The missing ingredient?

The ingredient or movement that's going to make us better on the inside... the ingredient we can't see!

Sometimes the most important things can't be seen ...
Sometimes the reasons we think are driving our actions aren't really the reasons at all.
Can you see your heart beating?
Can you see your god?
Can you see the feeling you get when you finish an amazing workout?
Nope - not one of them.
This fitness girl knows all about wanting what you can see...
The perfect abs, legs, butt, arms
Better hair
Clearer skin
Bigger boobs

But what would those things really do for me?
Get some gawking stares from strangers?
Make me need to buy new clothes?
Get some inappropriate attention?

Do any of those exterior desires really define me? Do they outwardly express the inward me?

The truth is we - all go into exercise & diet plans for exterior goals, but along the way we realize that the insides have to change first. And once we can accept that we can truly begin to change - to become the real us.

Shanna Moody
"turning inspiration into perspiration."

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